Crafting Tips I wish I thought of!

Crafting Tips I wish I thought of!

Hello to all - Happy November!
I'm a little late getting my blog posted this month thanks to several life events that made it difficult to find time to sit down and get it written. I'm guessing that's true for most of us. I find, like most of you, my love for crafting doesn't mean life slows down enough for me to enjoy it as much as I'd like!
Larry and I are looking forward to spending the holidays with family this year. After years of living so far from our kids, it's a delight to consider that we'll actually get to sit down around a table together. I hope you are yours have plans for doing something you love with those you love!
Amidst the times of celebration ahead, November begins the season of 'busy' for most of us and I thought it might be fun to share some tips that may help make the most of the time we do get to sit down and enjoy some creative time. I've compiled a short list of some of my favorite crafting tips for you. After looking it over, if you have some tips of your own you'd like to share, please do!
Here's my list of favorite crafting tips I wish I thought of! LOL. Enjoy!
  •  Use one of those mats that you put in your oven (to protect it from baked-on spills) for your hot glue gun. It keeps anything from getting on your work surface and nothing sticks to it. 
  • Use an old tackle box to store all of those small miscellaneous crafting bits and pieces.
  • Soak your paint brushes in warm vinegar to remove old paint! I keep a jar filled with vinegar on my work surface and just put used brushes in at the end of a project.
  •  Apply Vaseline to the tip of your glue gun to avoid those annoying glue strings on your project.
  • Place a shelf liner under your sewing machine! This keeps it in place when sewing.
  • Purchase crafting supplies at the end of each season. You'll always have supplies and deep discounts. This is a great time to stock up!
  • When using a glue gun on projects, bring out a hair dryer when you're finished and run dryer over project. It will melt the hairs of glue left on your project.
  • Use a damp magic eraser to clean your iron or heating plate. Magic erasers really are magic. I find so many things to do with them. How about you?
  • You can easily clean up small beads, sequins, and glitter using a lint roller!
  • One of my favorite craft storage tools is one of those over-the-door hanging organizers. Most come with clear plastic pockets so that you can easily see what is in each. This type of organizer makes use of wasted space, freeing up the crafting area. Consider using the pockets for things like thread spools, ribbon rolls, glue sticks, craft wire, and much more!
  • A large package of baby wipes is a must-have for cleaning up any craft. It's great for cleaning paint, glitter, glue - you name it. Not to mention, they are great for some painting projects to create a fun white-washed look!
  • When you are making a project that only needs a specific area glued, take a little petroleum jelly and rub it around that area. The petroleum jelly acts as a barrier so the other parts of the project won't stick! 

Here's to family, friends and LOTS of JOY!



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